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Investing in Key Biscayne – Condo Data

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Investors Guide to Key Biscayne Condo Market as of December 2104

This Key Biscayne Condo Analysis shows you important real estate market data such as ‘Months of Inventory’ and ‘averages Sales prices per Sq.Ft’ for different price categories allowing you to really get to know your market. Besides this, you can compare today’s market with the market in the last three years

Whether you want to buy a Key Biscayne Condo or sell your Key Biscayne Condo, this market update provides you with the most important market indicators and is therefore a must read in order to understand where the Key Biscayne Condo market is heading

Key Biscayne Condo Performance over the last 6 months


Key Biscayne condos are showing a low number of inventory. The exclusivity of the Island and the limited space to construct new condos creates a unique position for sellers as the competition stays limited to the existing resale units. It is also interesting to see how fast Key Biscayne condos are selling. Hardly any stay on the market more than 5/6  months. Prices have been steady these last months in Key Biscayne but looking at the price levels here below it can be seen that the market is growing slowly but steadily. Key Biscayne has always been a very desired luxury market and the unique feature of being an island makes the demand high yet the supply limited.


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